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place for at home mums to swap and share ideas
7th-Feb-2008 03:15 pm
Chuy Nyeoww by me
First, I would like to thank mercury_dreamer, xlostbeyondhope, sabrielus, and demonlord_lover for their kind words in my last post.

Well, the doctor said everything was fine with little man. He even said that something he had been concerned about last appt was just fine now! (He was concerned that Caelen's leg and arm muscles were a little tighter than they should have been.) The poor guy had to have shots, however. He was better than I am! lol! He cried just a little, but by the time the nurse was done and told me to pick him up, he was smiling and giggling at her! Whereas I almost cried and was snuggling the little guy going "Aw, my poor boogey! You're such a good boy!" etc etc. LOL!!!!
7th-Feb-2008 08:27 pm (UTC)
I always hated doctor appoitments for the shots. They always look at you as if you've betrayed them somehow. Sure, they get over it, but still.
7th-Feb-2008 08:28 pm (UTC)
See, but I don't notice that because my eyes are shut tight! ^_~
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