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place for at home mums to swap and share ideas

Mothers at home
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This community is for one thing; To help benefit our children, and to learn how mothers around the world do this in their own unique way. This community is for the discussion of the ups and downs of being a stay at home mother. Swapping recipes, talk of parenting, housework, relationships, bad days, silly experiences, etc is welcome. Trolling, personal attacks, flaming and similar unpleasant behavior is not. This is an open community and will remain so as long as everyone plays nice :)

Note: If you'd like to share photos of your kids, and they are large in size, please use live journal cuts so that members of the community can choose to look at the photos or not themselves. It's common courtesy to fellow members. Also, posts full of pictures with no topical content will be deleted.

So join if you wish and let's have some fun.

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