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place for at home mums to swap and share ideas
New to community 
16th-May-2008 12:14 pm
Hi everyone. Just joined up with the community. I am a SAHM to twin 2 month boys Lucas and Dillon. I'm 34, married and well...I guess that is who I am now...lol

Just came back to LJ after being gone for sometime and trying out other places (Myspace and such) but LJ is so much fun, so many great people and a way for me to relax and to connect and not to feel like I am sinking in a pile of burp rags, diapers, bottles and pacifiers LOL
29th-May-2008 09:17 pm (UTC)
Welcome ♥

I know you joined a while ago but I wasn't around to wish you welcome then. I have twin daughters that are almost 14 months old. Wow, it's weird to even type that because some days it seems like it was just yesterday. Anyhow, welcome welcome :)
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